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Pet Doors

The Combo Pet Doors comprise the Petway Screen Door and the Petway Timber Door, working in unison without the need for either door to be left open. This means that your pet can enter the house whenever they need to.

Available in small and medium sizes, they need to be fitted in the middle of both your screen and timber doors, with a hard flat in the screen door and a soft flap in the timber pet door. 

The timber pet doors are only available in white, while the screen door pet doors are available in all six colors.

Pet Door Small Opening Size 240mm

Small Opening Size 240mm

(9.5″) high 190mm (7.5″) wide
This is suitable for all size cats and small to medium size dogs

Pet Door Medium Opening Size

Medium Opening Size

305mm (12″) high 225mm (9″) wide
Pet Door Large Opening Size

Large Opening Size

400mm (15.75″) high
260mm (10.25″) wide.
This is suitable for large size dogs

Pet door colours available